An 85-minute program of 23 works, including many strong music videos. The low-tech animated blob humans in Hannes Hayha’s I Love Death (music by Lodger) are appropriate to this charmingly simple parable of birth, marriage, and death. The surreal paintings of Hieronymus Bosch are animated into a compelling vision of hell in Syd Garon and Eric Henry’s Spokes on the Wheel of Torment (music by Buckethead), and in Brett Simon’s Belly Polar Bear’s song about a man giving up on life is illustrated by images of a face superimposed on abstract lines and a wet pane of glass. Kuntzel & Deygas’s Come Home Billy Bird uses animation, rapid cutting, and split-screen effects to convey the loss of autonomy in today’s air-travel system, accompanied by a Divine Comedy song about an international business traveler.