A prostitute goads her eager father into having sex with her for pay, and that’s only the first taboo shattered in this 2001 video feature from Takashi Miike (Audition), heralded for his gleefully perverse take on contemporary Japan. The meltdown of the nuclear family continues when the father (Kenichi Endo) returns home to find his school-age son beating his heroin-addicted wife, and a drifter invited to stay with them becomes both a catalyst for and a witness to the sadomasochistic mayhem. Miike presents his modern Grand Guignol in voyeuristic reality-TV style, exaggerating family roles (career-obsessed husband, alienated housewife, rebellious children) to the point of grotesquerie. The tone is blunt and pornographic but allows for moments of weird poignancy: in one scene the wife gently cleans off her husband after a necrophiliac episode. In Japanese with subtitles. 84 min.