Corruption taints every level of society in this pulsating neonoir from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. After ten years abroad, a cocky thief returns to his native Kinshasa with a truckload of gasoline he’s stolen from a murderous Angolan crime lord. The thief hopes to take advantage of a fuel shortage and gouge the local residents, but his plans go awry during a night on the town when he falls for a femme fatale and runs afoul of her hothead gangster boyfriend. Hookers, cops, a lesbian army officer, and even a parish priest soon get involved in the ruckus, with so many double- and triple-crosses that the action begins to seem like a lethal game of musical chairs. Directed by Djo Tunda Wa Munga, who studied filmmaking in Belgium, this is raw, sardonic, and formally complex. In Lingala and French with subtitles.