Wait for Your Laugh

Timing is everything in comedy, and according to this nostalgic documentary portrait of Rose Marie—best known for her TV work onThe Dick Van Dyke Show and The Hollywood Squares—she always knew when to jump to the next big thing. In 1928 she became a five-year-old singing star on NBC Radio, and a year later she segued into talking pictures; by 1946, when gangster Bugsy Siegel booked her to open the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas, she’d matured into a witty nightclub performer, and in the 60s she played one of television’s first working women as part of the comedy-writing team on Dick Van Dyke. Director Jason Wise clearly admires his sweet-natured subject, who died in 2017 at age 94, though her Hollywood Squares colleague Peter Marshall offers the caveat “You didn’t want to cross her, because she could cut your head off.”