Curiously artless for a movie about the art world, this prosaic documentary profile of famed installation artist Christo focuses on the creation and reception of his project The Floating Piers, an expansive, lightweight walkway that sat atop Italy’s Lake Iseo in mid-2016. Director Andrey Paounov takes a thorough look at Christo’s process, showing how he designs the project, works with others to realize it, then monitors how visitors to the site engage with it. The film has little to say about what the artist hopes to express with his work; Paounov is more interested in the logistics of such a large-scale project, devoting considerable screen time to how Christo and his team manage to keep the piers afloat. This features some lovely overhead shots of the project, and it offers a sympathetic portrait of Christo as well. Still, you might come away from the film wishing it had greater thematic heft. In English and subtitled Italian.