Rutger Hauer is a former CIA agent turned bounty hunter on the trail of a sinister Arab terrorist. Like the good Miesian he is, director Gary Sherman (Vice Squad) has an appreciative eye for the architecture of images: the arch of a car door, the angularity of staircases, the volumetrics of exploding vans . . . This sleazoid item is better than it had to be—tightly scripted, reasonably well acted, precisely constructed frame by frame along solid classical lines (no ragged eclecticism or postmodern color schemes here)—though the action material is desperately worn out and Hauer’s accent travels freely from Amsterdam to Los Angeles, often in the space of a line. It’s stylish work in a disreputable genre, with occasional formal flourishes (e.g., Hauer striding down a tunnel in a receding nimbus of light) that push it toward improvised abstraction. With Gene Simmons and Robert Guillaume.