Filmmaker Jennifer Baichwall and photographer Edward Burtynsky, who collaborated on the striking environmental documentary Manufactured Landscapes (2005), reunite as codirectors of this companion piece, which considers man’s troubled relationship with the sea just as the earlier film did with the land. “How does water shape us, how do we shape water?” Burtynsky asks at one point, articulating their central question, and the images they record as they circle the globe range from the harmonious (bathers enjoying the Blue Lagoon Geothermal Springs in Iceland) to the discordant (rivers of chemical waste creeping down a hillside from a tannery in Bangladesh). As in Manufactured Landscapes, the long shots of natural and man-made environments have a patterned, abstract beauty that often chafes against the ugly truth on the ground. In English and subtitled Mandarin, Bengali, Hindi, and Spanish.