Most breakups suck, but breaking up right before your sister’s wedding? That’s its own circle of hell. Written and directed by Jeff Rosenberg (and cowritten by Laura Jacqmin), We Broke Up centers on the end of Lori (Aya Cash) and Doug’s (an exceptionally charming William Jackson Harper) decade-long relationship after a surprise proposal catches Lori off-guard. But with Lori’s sister’s wedding around the corner, they pretend to still be a couple so as to not ruin her big day. We Broke Up delicately examines the inner workings of a relationship seemingly at its end, as well as the toll that keeping up appearances has on everyone involved. The film is simple in its conceit and execution, so simple, in fact, that it often washes over who exactly Lori is as a character and what she really wants. But We Broke Up is a breeze to watch thanks to its fully-committed leads, who go wherever the story takes them. If nothing else, We Broke Up is solid evidence that Jackson Harper deserves a spot in the modern rom-com rotation.