We Need To Do Something is a single-location horror movie that skillfully packs a cramped space full of suspense and scares. After a family of four seeks shelter from a storm in their home’s bathroom, they become trapped. The setup at first plays on the relatable fear of being surrounded by familial tension. In this case, parents Diane (Vinessa Shaw) and Robert (Pat Healy) are clearly miserable, unable to interact without an aggressive bent. Teenage daughter Melissa (Sierra McCormick) dodges this drama by escaping into her own on her phone. Bobby (John James Cronin) rounds out the room as the innocent younger brother. It’s not long, however, before the family transitions from uncomfortable to unhinged, as supernatural horrors threaten to tear them apart and push them to their limits. While the story is ultimately a bit flimsy, the film sees success in McCormick’s captivating performance and the film’s teasing nature. 97 min.

In wide release in theaters and on VOD