In this 2015 debut feature, Iranian director Vahid Jalilvand takes a bleak look at modern-day Tehran in three interconnected stories. When a mysterious philanthropist puts an ad in the newspaper offering cash to someone in need, an unruly crowd forms in the street below his office. Among them are a working-class mother (Niki Karimi) whose paralyzed, incontinent husband requires expensive surgery and a young bride (newcomer Sahar Ahmadpour) whose husband will stay in prison without blood money to pay off the man he injured in self-defense. Karimi, one of Iran’s most-lauded actresses, has a face as pained and iconic as the woman in Dorothea Lange’s famous photograph Migrant Mother. Merciless and at times difficult to watch, this is a powerful portrait of feminine strength in the face of great suffering. In Persian with subtitles.