Writer-director Eran Creevy successfully transposes Hong Kong-style action filmmaking to a British setting, employing a purposely simple cops-and-robbers story as a canvas for graceful, imaginative visual conceits. The movie is stylized to an unrealistic extreme (every scene plays out in the same color scheme of blue, gray, and off-white) but never feels cartoonish; Creevy presents the content seriously enough to make it truly suspenseful. The story, reminiscent of numerous films by John Woo and Johnnie To, centers on the long antagonism-cum-mutual-admiration between a police detective (James McAvoy) and a career criminal (Mark Strong). Creevy bases his sophisticated mise-en-scene on the characters’ parallel natures, creating an exciting sense of forward movement while cutting between different points of view. With Peter Mullan and Andrea Riseborough.