The best thing about this underground New York comedy is the title, which sounds like something the characters in a Daniel Pinkwater novel might watch. Writer-director Sujewa Ekanayake inspires goodwill at the start by revealing that the movie is actually about a werewolf ninja philosopher—who’s also a respected detective and something of a famous playboy—but he quickly dashes it with his clodhopper approach to comedy: every joke gets played more times than necessary, and Ekanayake’s haphazard pacing slowly hammers every good idea into the ground. Some underground productions (like John Waters’s early features or much of the Kuchar brothers’ work) can be endearing in their amateurishness, suggesting a certain punk zealousness, but Ekanayake’s amateurishness simply feels lazy. Still, given the movie’s personal (even hermetic) nature and its efforts to be original, I’d sooner watch this than pretty much any Marvel Studios release.