Once upon a time, fashion designer Vivienne Westwood dressed the Sex Pistols, but in this documentary she flat-out refuses to talk about them and groans about how bored she is with revisiting her punk-rock days (her husband at the time, Malcolm McLaren, was the charlatan and PR genius who put the band together). Instead director Lorna Tucker trails the crabby Dame Westwood as she prepares for a show at London Fashion Week, tries to get a grip on a company that’s grown out of her control, and takes an expedition to the North Pole to inspect the melting ice caps with Greenpeace. Whenever the Pistols come up, Tucker turns to a curator at the Victoria and Albert Museum, who lays out and comments on Westwood’s original garments as if they were relics of the true cross. Westwood’s more recent collections are amply displayed, and her style hasn’t changed much in 40 years; aside from a few smart suits, most of her outfits are loud, vainglorious political statements.