A labor of love for writer-director Rodger Grossman, this entertaining if superficial biopic chronicles the rise and fall of LA punk pioneers the Germs, focusing on their Nietzsche-inhaling front man, Darby Crash. As a rock ‘n’ roll fable, this is weirdly reminiscent of Oliver Stone’s The Doors (1991), another valentine to a west-coast singer with an appetite for chaos and a gift for self-mythology. Inspired by Stalin, Crash came up with a five-year plan for the Germs that was supposed to end with his suicide, and in December 1980, five years after he and guitarist Pat Smear first got into music, Crash offed himself with a heroin overdose. No one can say he wasn’t punk—or, for that matter, punctual. With Shane West as Crash, Rick Gonzalez as Smear, and Bijou Phillips as bassist Lorna Doom. R, 92 min.