A mixed bag of nine shorts, only three of them noteworthy. Bampinay (2003), Matthew Abaya’s atmospheric take on an Asian vampire legend, has a dreamlike, underground feel, its grainy and surreal images accompanied by poetic voice-over; the plot, such as it is, pays homage to Tony Scott’s The Hunger. Noel Rustia’s The Bootyguard (2003), crass animation in the vein of South Park, follows the efforts of former child star Gary Coleman to get a job, and though it skewers celebrities from Bill Clinton to Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, ultimately it expends too much energy on too small a target. The best entry by far is Doan La’s light, knowing satire Dragon of Love (2003), a send-up of ethnic stereotypes and kinky bedroom fantasies; Randall Park and Angela Wiggins are both silly and sexy as an interracial couple. 116 min.