Kristen Bell (Forgetting Sarah Marshall) is badly miscast as a workaholic curator for the Guggenheim Museum whose bad luck with men turns
around after she wades into a magical fountain during a weekend in Rome. Suddenly she has five suitors—including Danny DeVito, a meats tycoon who woos her with gift baskets and declares, “There’s not an emotion on earth that can’t be expressed with sausage, and this bratwurst is saying hello.” Josh Duhamel plays the smitten sports reporter who helps her mount her big art show, “Pain”—a fitting title, given the agony induced by this godawful comedy. Mark Steven Johnson (Ghost Rider, Daredevil) directed; with Will Arnett, Jon Heder, Dax Shepard, and Anjelica Huston. PG-13, 91 min.