Where to Invade Next

Michael Moore persists in his lifelong mission to provoke liberals to paroxysms of rage, at least until the end credits roll and they start looking for a good restaurant. Armed with an American flag, Moore heads across the Atlantic to document how much better European governments treat their citizens, with episodes in Italy (where workers get months of vacation and paid leave every year), France (where school lunches rival the food at fine restaurants), Finland (which now ranks number one in education globally), Germany (where workers have a strong presence on corporate boards), Norway (whose legalization of drugs has caused a drop in addiction), etc. The hit-and-run strategy precludes any meaningful consideration of how such successes might be transplanted from these smaller economies to the U.S., so as a rhetorical argument, or even a political blueprint, this falls apart almost as quickly as Moore can present it. But the movie definitely has merit as a consciousness-raising exercise, alerting blinkered Americans to the fact that we deserve better.