While We're Young

For better and for worse, this light comedy finds Noah Baumbach at his most Woody Allen-esque; the storytelling is smooth and assured and the one-liners are generally enjoyable, but the worldview is so narrow as to suggest that the experience of upper-middle-class New Yorkers represents all humanity. To evade the disappointment of remaining childless in middle age, a floundering documentary filmmaker (Ben Stiller) and his wife (Naomi Watts) befriend a twentysomething aspiring documentary maker and his wife (Adam Driver and Amanda Seyfried, playing caricatures of Joe and Kris Swanberg) and adopt the lifestyle of young Brooklyn hipsters. The film suggests a companion piece to Baumbach’s Frances Ha in its fascination with millennials, but his social observations feel smug and derisive this time around. With Charles Grodin and Adam Horowitz of the Beastie Boys.