Elizabeth Wood, who wrote and directed this gripping debut feature, introduces the college-age protagonist (Morgan Saylor) with a close-up of her derriere in blinding white shorts—an appropriate image given the sex appeal and class privilege the character exploits to her advantage. By day she works a summer internship at a Manhattan art agency, where her sleazy boss (Justin Bartha) plies her with coke and fucks her face; by night she and a classmate (India Menuez) run wild with three Hispanic drug dealers they’ve met in their sketchy new neighborhood; and eventually night bleeds into day as her partying spins out of control and her boyfriend (Brian Marc) leads her into a dangerous new business venture with a ruthless coke supplier (Adrian Martinez). Neatly plotted and minimally staged, the movie marks Wood as a talent to watch, but Saylor deserves equal credit for her layered performance as the title character, a confident young woman who crumbles into a confused and frightened child. With Chris Noth (Sex and the City), hilarious as a third-rate attorney.