White Nights

Rambo for the wine-and-cheese crowd; the red-baiting here is cultured but no less creepy. After a ballet dancer (Mikhail Baryshnikov) who’s defected from the USSR crash-lands in Siberia, an evil apparatchik places him in the charge of a tap dancer (Gregory Hines) who’s defected from the U.S. Hines is supposed to reindoctrinate Baryshnikov, but then the Russian turns him on to the latest tunes from the States. Director Taylor Hackford shapes some engaging performances (the surly, withdrawn Baryshnikov of the early scenes is an intriguing figure) but never extricates himself from the plot machinery; this 1985 feature takes off only in the brief but well-filmed dance sequences. With Isabella Rossellini, Geraldine Page, and Helen Mirren.