White Sun

In this absorbing 2016 Nepalese drama, various members of a remote Himalayan community deal with intergenerational, political, religious, gender, and class tensions in the aftermath of Nepal’s civil war. At the film’s seriocomic start, a low-caste street urchin assists a former Communist revolutionary (Dayahang Rai) as he journeys to his hometown for his father’s funeral; the humor ebbs as the revolutionary reunites with his feisty ex-wife, his resentful brother, and the cantankerous village elders. Writer-director Deepak Rauniyar frames the dead body as a metaphor for the corrupt old regime, and the mourners’ struggle to transport it on an arduous mountain trek symbolizes Nepal’s rocky transition from monarchy to republic. Rauniyar gets the most out of the actors, a mix of pros and amateurs, and cinematographer Mark Ellam generates exhilarating images of this vertiginous corner of the world. In Nepali with subtitles.