Director Steve McQueen tries his hand at a mainstream thriller, approaching that genre no differently than he does the art film. After a team of professional thieves is killed by police, the aspiring politician they robbed tracks down the thieves’ widows and gives them a month to return the stolen money; the women improbably decide to become thieves themselves and carry off a big heist. As in Hunger and 12 Years a Slave, McQueen sets a relentlessly portentous tone and employs lots of stark mise-en-scene, but all the fuss feels arbitrary here—the pulpy story simply doesn’t warrant such grave stylization. McQueen and cowriter Gillian Flynn strain for seriousness by shoehorning in a subplot about the politician’s rival (the son of a corrupt lifelong Chicago alderman) as well as reflections on contemporary race relations; these additions feel arbitrary too. With Viola Davis, Michelle Rodriguez, Elizabeth Debicki, Colin Farrell, and Liam Neeson.