A Brazilian chef susceptible to motion sickness—she can’t be in a car if she isn’t driving, etc—leaves her restaurateur husband, who’s reacted to her dominance by having an affair and taking credit for her talent in the kitchen. She heads for San Francisco, where an old friend tries to help her get over the relationship, start a new one, and develop her cooking career. This gently satirical farce (2000) is atmospheric when dabbling in religion—the chef turns to spiritual magic to defuse her passion for her husband—and moving during her heart-to-hearts with her friend, a cross-dresser whose cartoonish femininity somehow complements both the chef’s fragility and her strength. Fina Torres directed a screenplay by Vera Blasi; with Penelope Cruz, Harold Perrineau Jr., Mark Feuerstein, and Murilo Benicio. 93 min.