Alexandra Juhasz’s video documentary profiles 18 feminist film and video makers, from the trailblazers of the 50s and 60s to participants in the lesbian and women’s movements in the 70s and 80s to her own ethnically diverse, revisionist contemporaries in the 90s. Included are well-known figures like Julia Reichert and Barbara Hammer, as well as Chicago artists Margaret Caples of Community Film Workshop, video professor Vanalyne Green, and producer Yvonne Welbon. Like Juhasz herself in prefatory remarks, some of the subjects fall into the vocabulary of political correctness, but most of them are candid and informative, quite aware of themselves as role models. Unfortunately this commendable project is undermined by Juhasz?s sloppy execution and self-congratulatory tone; this has the amateurish look of a home movie—perhaps an intentional throwback to the guerrilla techniques of the 60s—and follows the standard cut-and-paste format of PBS.