A significant improvement over the 2017 movie, and a bright spot in the dismal DCU, Wonder Woman 1984 is a technicolor, lighthearted romp through the era of Jazzercise, big hair, and even bigger shoulder pads—and it’s perfect for the holiday season. Gal Gadot is eminently watchable as she reprises her titular character in stunning outfits by costume designer Lindy Hemming that made me want to burn everything in my wardrobe. Please note that thigh-high boots are back with a vengeance. This time she’s matched with the beloved comedic actor Kristen Wiig who goes glam with a thoughtful and hilarious evolution from frowzy nerd into the supervillain Cheetah, and has one of the best fight scenes of the film. Beginning with a killer sequence of the Amazons being badass on Themyscira, (once again teasing the movie we all really want), the plot moves on to some ridiculous yet entertaining nonsense about a stolen phallic magic rock by a thinly veiled Trump metaphor, oil magnate Maxwell Lord, played enjoyably by Pedro Pascal. It then inexplicably shifts to a rom-com, with Wonder Woman thirsty for undead Chris Pine, who is great but oddly kind of takes over her movie for a while. Messy plot aside, it’s an enjoyable romp filled to the brim with girl power and awesome fight scenes. A few offensive Middle Eastern stereotypes that should have been left on the cutting room floor unintentionally reinforce the moral of the film about stubbornly holding on to the wrong things to the detriment of what really matters.