The title of this tragic romance from the Dominican Republic refers to male prisoners who hang on the window bars of an elevated common area that overlooks the exercise yard for an adjoining women’s prison; starved for love, the two sexes use sign language to communicate with each other, nurturing passionate affairs with people they’ve never touched. Into this emotional hothouse comes a tall, handsome Haitian (Jean Jean), who agrees to serve as woodpecker for his prison protector (Ramón Emilio Candelario) while the other man is in solitary confinement but who then blunders, Cyrano-style, into an illicit flirtation with the man’s spitfire girlfriend in the yard below (Judith Rodriguez Perez). “If enough time is spent doing this, you will sense my touch and my embrace,” she tells him, which is dangerous news in a community governed by violence and revenge. In Spanish with subtitles.