From the never-ending Step Up and Honey films to 2000s throwbacks like You Got Served and Center Stage, dance movies are easy to find, but good ones are hard to come by. The recipe tends to be as follows: corny dialogue combined with an insta-love plot leading up to a big competition or audition, all so thinly developed that the viewer can’t help but wonder if the true intention was simply to showcase elaborate dance numbers—which are still fun! If the writing is good or the characters are memorable or the storyline is unique, a dance movie can still work. We’ve seen it happen with Dirty Dancing, Footloose, Black Swan. Unfortunately, Netflix’s latest addition to this oversaturated genre, Work It, doesn’t, well, work. Work It follows a high school senior (Sabrina Carpenter) who creates a school dance team in the hopes of getting into her dream school, Duke (at least it wasn’t Yale or Harvard). Admittedly, some of the jokes do land (mostly those delivered by Liza Koshy, a YouTube star with natural comedic timing), and triple-threat Jordan Fisher is charming as ever. Still, the film fails to rise above its tropes as it reveals itself to be another extended music video with lines in between.