In this 2015 Israeli drama, a Haifa cop (Roy Assaf) is tangling with a superior officer suspected of corruption when they hear a distant explosion—at which point a terse police thriller devolves into a murky social drama with too many tangents. A Palestinian suicide bomber and his victims are rushed to the city’s Rambam Hospital, where entire wings were built underground during the 2006 war with Lebanon. The hero, assigned to guard the bomber’s operating room, must fend off an ambush by vigilantes while locating his young son, who’s gone missing since the blast. Few of the narrative threads (the crooked commander’s relation to some arms dealers, the fate of Arab medicos caught in the maelstrom) are satisfactorily resolved, but that only goes to show show slow Israel’s conflicts are to heal. Erez Tadmor directed. In Hebrew with subtitles.