Drawing on Gregg Araki and Pedro Almodóvar, Panos H. Koutras puts a gay twist on the road movie in this Greek comedy, which is heavy on the director’s gaudy color palette and goofy fantasy sequences. An eccentric twink (Kostas Nikouli), prone to daydreams and emotional outbursts, visits his older hetero brother (Nikos Gelia) in Athens after their Albanian mother dies. Together they head toward the last known whereabouts of their wealthy but estranged father, hoping his citizenship and his money will protect them from being deported. Koutras has a significantly sunnier outlook than his compatriots in the recent Greek new wave, but his films (Real Life, The Attack of the Giant Moussaka) aren’t without their sour notes—particularly in their depiction of Greece’s ongoing economic struggle and ultraconservative society—and these enliven the mostly flat narrative here. In Albanian and Greek with subtitles.