Given the sheer number of coming-of-age films in the world, it’s surprising how rare it is still to see a woman unapologetically masturbate on screen. Yes, God, Yes is Karen Maine’s plucky attempt to add some much-needed representation. Adapted from the 2017 short film of the same name, the film follows a Catholic teen (Natalie Dyer) who discovers the power of self-love while trying to unlearn the beliefs that tell her that masturbation is inherently sinful. Yes, God, Yes uniquely captures sexual discovery in the age of the early Internet—from asking A/S/L? in AOL chat rooms to utilizing a trusty vibrating Nokia to get the job done. But Alice’s sexual awakening is less of a come-to-Jesus moment than it is muted and fully uninterested in itself. Even with a breezy 78-minute runtime, Yes, God, Yes rarely justifies the need for its extended form and lacks any real commitment to a complicated issue begging to be explored fully.