An unlikely protagonist sets off on a mission in A.B. Shawky’s hero’s journeyesque film. After his wife dies, our protagonist, Beshay (a captivating Rady Gamal), leaves his leper colony in northern Egypt for the first time in his life in order to find his long-lost family. We learn that Beshay, who has scars across his hands and face, was abandoned by his family due to his condition and that he leads a humble life selling trash. Beshay is soon joined by a young companion (Ahmed Abdelhafiz) who is an outcast in his own right. Unsurprisingly, Beshay faces scrutiny and discrimination throughout a journey that reveals the ugly in the world around him more than it reveals the supposed ugly in him. The film has its cliches, but thanks to warm and empathetic performances from a small cast and relatable themes of coming-of-age and identity, Yomeddine surpasses its predictability to become a heartfelt film that hits home. In Arabic with subtitles.