Alain Resnais reflects on some lifelong themes—the presence of history in contemporary life and the ability of art to remove us from time—and though this 2012 drama is characteristically eerie, it also conveys a calm that’s rare in his work. Actors gather at the home of a recently deceased theater director who led them through productions of Jean Anouil’s 1941 play Eurydice; his strange final request is that they watch a new production filmed by a young theater troupe, and as the movie screens, it casts a spell on the actors, making them spontaneously re-create their old performances. Resnais shows how great art connects people to the infinite, not only through his brilliant manipulation of space (the setting seems to expand and contract at different points) but also through rhymes in the dialogue that suggest the ancient story of Eurydice will echo into eternity. In French with subtitles.