Showgirls’ legacy lives on in Jeffrey McHale’s fascinating documentary You Don’t Nomi. Much like the 1995 film itself, the documentary offers no clear-cut conclusions as it details Showgirls’ divisiveness. Instead, You Don’t Nomi compiles a set of smart and impassioned contributors’ wide-ranging thoughts on everything from the extensive use of mirrors to explore ideas of reflection and doubling to the shared throughline of Elizabeth Berkley’s Saved by the Bell character Jessie Spano and her role as Showgirls’ protagonist Nomi Malone. And while many of the opinions are contrary to one another, each is as considered and engaging as the next, making for an enlightening and entertaining experience. An exercise in thoughtful fandom, You Don’t Nomi stokes Showgirls’ fire in a way that will leave viewers craving even more discourse about a film that has captivated audiences for the past 15 years.