You Should Have Left is a third-place movie. Literally, it is the third of three horror movies released in the last six months about a dad and his second-try family going on a bond-building getaway only to find themselves fighting to survive. It also happens that the other two films, The Lodge and Becky, are better. While Blumhouse Productions brings the star power with the excellent Kevin Bacon and Amanda Seyfried, it lacks elsewhere. The couple’s marriage (yes, they address the age gap) is crumbling, so they book a modern home in the Welsh countryside and bring their daughter. Soon, Theo’s (Bacon) grasp on reality begins to unravel, setting up psychological twists and turns, which the house mimics physically à la Rose Red. However, his big reveal is as predictable as Susanna’s (Seyfried) smaller one, which leaves little to look forward to but an explanation of the house’s history, which never comes.