Young & Beautiful

“You take so many showers,” a mother tells her teenage daughter in this 2013 French drama, unaware that the girl, Isabelle, has begun arranging fancy-hotel dates with older men as a high-priced call girl. Written and directed by François Ozon, one of the art cinema’s most reliable providers of steamy sex, the movie plays like soft-core porn initially, with the usual gauzy view of prostitution. Once Isabelle’s secret is discovered, however, the focus begins to shift more toward her family, who aren’t as sexually sophisticated as they might like to think. Their home life is filled with embarrassments and invasions of privacy—Isabelle’s younger brother spies on her as she humps a pillow; Isabelle comes home one night to find mom’s live-in boyfriend walking around naked; the boyfriend accidentally catches the brother masturbating. Ozon is grasping for something about the rudeness of sexual impulse and how intimates necessarily learn to look the other way, yet he comes to this idea too late in the game to make anything of it. With Marine Vacth, Geraldine Pailhas, and Charlotte Rampling. In French with subtitles.