This horror comedy began as a title, and probably should have stayed one. Writer-director Jay Lee serves up a three-course exploitation meal of pole dancers, exploding heads, and stale political satire: in a dystopian near future (George W. Bush has become dictator and launched more wars, etc), a soldier infected with a deadly zombie virus stumbles into an underground strip club, and soon the star dancer (Jenna Jameson) has been zombified, which makes her an even bigger hit with the boys. The screenplay is supposedly based on Ionesco’s Rhinoceros, and there are allusions to Descartes, Genet, and Nietzsche, but they land with a thud amid the camping of Robert Englund (A Nightmare on Elm Street) as the club’s feckless owner and Carmit Levite as a Madame Blavatsky. R, 92 min.