At one point this was being touted as Zoolander No. 2, which is a pretty good gag, but someone in marketing must have gotten a look at the movie and noted the actual fragrance. Ben Stiller revives Derek Zoolander, the brain-dead fashion model from his 2001 hit; back for another go-round are Owen Wilson as Hansel, Zoolander’s runway rival; Will Ferrell as Mugatu, the evil fashion mogul; and every joke that worked the first time. The original featured more than three dozen celebrity cameos, and the sequel is similarly overloaded with stars—fashion stars, film stars, music stars, sports stars, cable news stars. Unfortunately the script is so weak that chuckles of recognition become the lion’s share of the comedy; when this thing is 15 years old itself, and many of those stars have dimmed, it will seem less a movie than a strange, sad artifact of a hollowed-out society. Stiller produced, directed, and kicked in on the script; with Penelope Cruz and Kristen Wiig.