Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson are pouting male supermodels and runway rivals in this priceless 2001 farce, which purports to satirize the fashion economy (the rickety plot involves a Malaysian politician who’s vowed to end child labor) but mines most of its laughs from simple vanity. As director, Stiller perfectly re-creates the glitzy MTV style of bold angles and hyperactive editing; the film moves at such a steady clip that the broad sketch-comedy characters—Will Ferrell as a queenly, malevolent fashion designer; Milla Jovovich as a hideously scowling Russian beauty—never wear out their welcome. The undeniable high point is a slow-motion romp—set to “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go”—in which pretty boys at a filling station laugh and douse each other with gasoline; you can probably guess the punchline. With Jerry Stiller, Jon Voight, and an unbilled, wordless, very funny cameo from Vince Vaughn.