Friday, May 9, 7-10 PM

The winners of the 2014 Key Ingredient Cook-Off, as determined by an audience vote, were:

Aaron Arnett, Davanti Enoteca (honeycomb tripe)

Barry Sorkin, Smoque (tamarind)

Meg Galus, NoMi Kitchen (sheep’s milk)

Andrew Deuel, Tesori (chestnut flour)

Abraham Conlon, Fat Rice (miso)

Judges’ choice for best in show:
Duncan Biddulph, Kinmont (tamarind)

Participating chefs

Aaron Arnett of Davanti Enoteca
(Watch Arnett cook with green peppercorns)

Dana Cree of Blackbird
(Check out Cree sweetening up pine sap)

Meg Galus of NoMI
(See Galus bake with century eggs)

Courtney Joseph of Takashi
(Watch Joseph cook with rose water)

Hillary Sundberg of Dusek’s

Duncan Biddulph of Kinmont
(Check out Biddulph cooking with cod milt)

Abraham Conlon of Fat Rice
(See Conlon cook pork uterus two ways)

Rodolfo Cuadros of Carnivale

Paula Haney and
Allison Scott of Hoosier Mama Pie
(Watch Haney cook with millet)

Jason Hammel of Lula Cafe
(See Hammel use gjetost)

Christopher Teixeira of Homestead on the Roof
(Check out Teixeira’s use of black cumin)

Chris Pandel of the Bristol and Balena
(Watch Pandel cook with jujubes)

Evan Percoco of theWit

Joseph Rose of Lockwood
(See Rose use smen)

Andrew Deuel of Tesori

Mark Steuer of Carriage House
(See Steuer cook with bananas)

John Asbaty of a soon-to-open Lincoln Park restaurant (formerly of Panozzo’s)
(Watch Asbaty use honeycomb tripe)

Barry Sorkin of Smoque BBQ
(Check out Sorkin cooking with Vienna Beef hot dogs)

Michael Galen of the Bedford

and more!