Credit: Celine Loup

Upon being asked to take on this assignment, it struck me to do a review of several Chicago pizza places. What at first seemed like a good idea quickly changed after I tried to decide where to go. I found myself researching who had the best pizza and who had won more awards. Then I thought to myself, “Who cares who has the best pizza?” We pit these places against each other with silly awards and empty accolades. It kind of reminds me of the east-coast versus west-coast rap war in the 90s.

When I started rapping I wanted to bring people together; that was the mission of my music. I wanted to approach pizza the same way. So I say eat pizza at every pizza place in Chicago. Pay no mind to food critics and magazine reviews. Why not make a rad event every weekend where you and your friends venture to a new pizza place? If everyone got together and did this all the pizza places would prosper and everyone would be friends.

That’s what this city needs: pizza and peace. So next time your friends ask, “What should we do this weekend?,” tell them to prepare to embark on the great pizza quest that is Chicago.

ShowYouSuck (né Clinton Sandifer) is a 27-year-old rapper who recently wrapped up his pizza-themed mixtape trilogy with One Man Pizza Party III: Rest in Pizza.