Credit: Marz Community Brewing

For most people, a heady quaff from a hoppy IPA inspires all sorts of synaptic fireworks you struggle to express. If only there was a way to digitize those feelings and express them as some sort of danceable art form, then—finally—someone might understand you the way your smartphone understands you.

Marz Community Brewing understands you. And so does digital design firm M1 interactive. Together they’ve collaborated on the brewery’s newest release, Tech Noir, “a West Coast IPA inspired by cyborgian sci-fi masterpiece, The Terminator.It’s being released today in four-packs with four individually designed labels that, when read through a mobile app called SamplAR, allow you to create beats and synth tracks. Your robot overlords call this tech Augmented Reality, and it enables you to choose a genre—techno, breakbeat, chillwave, downtempo, EDM, tribal, house, or metal—and mix, match, and loop some 96 samples from Die Warzau founder Jim Marcus.

Imagine the glorious cacophony at the three release parties scheduled tonight through Saturday at the brewery, when your compositions compete to be heard over 80s karaoke (tonight at 6); performances by Domestik, Fetter, Kurt Vise, and DJ Logan Bay (Friday, 8 PM); and Winston Lasker, Flux Bikes + Potions, The Chandeliers + DJ Lawrence Peters (Saturday, 8 PM).  v