The Reader’s Choice: Club Foot

The outdoor smoking area at Ukrainian Village standby Club Foot—a diamond-shaped corner stoop with a bucket of sand for butts—is humble compared to the lavish beer garden at nearby Happy Village, but it’s long on charm. It’s the kind of stoop that’s made for gossip, and alternately provides shelter in bad weather and a comfortable place to stand and chat in fair. The minimal street noise means it’s possible to have a conversation and still listen to whatever DJ is on the decks that night (they usually spin old-school rock and punk). As an added bonus, there’s a good chance that one of the two tamale guys that frequent the bar will swing by with his cooler. Back inside, enjoy $4.25 call drinks, Tetris and pinball machines, and a vast collection of toys and rock paraphernalia on display.   1824 W. Augusta, 773-489-0379. —Bianca Jarvis

&Our readers’ choice: Happy Village

 1059 N. Wolcott, 773-486-1512.