The Reader’s Choice: Small Bar on Division

Wrigleyville, the Viagra Triangle, and megaclubs like Crobar have been and will continue to be the city’s douchebag strongholds, but while they all provide ample opportunity to witness a staggering range of assholish behavior, they’re also places where it’s hard to find yourself an observation point that is itself clear of douchebags, forcing you to embed yourself among them like a war reporter or primate researcher. A better alternative is to post up at the still mostly douche-free Small Bar on Division—preferably in the summer when there’s sidewalk seating —and enjoy a microbrew or a Belgian as you watch the parade of party trolleys and luxury SUVs disgorge their conquering armies of jerks.  2954 N. Albany, 773-509-9888, —Miles Raymer

&Our readers’ choice: John Barleycorn in Wrigleyville

 3524 N. Clark, 773-549-6000,