The Reader’s Choice: Relax on Milwaukee

Relax straddles the divide between gentrifying Logan Square and blue-collar Avondale: crotchety old regulars camp out in the back of the huge bar by the dart board and pool table while kids from the Rat Patrol bicycle gang hang out in front, drinking dollar beers and eating popcorn from a greasy machine embellished with a picture of Rick James. The youthful bartenders play anything from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs to Diana Ross, and they aren’t afraid to abuse unruly regulars as needed. One thing all the patrons can agree on is that it’s ridiculously cheap to drink here, even by dive standards. There’s a dirt-cheap special every night of the week, including $4 PBR pitchers on Mondays and $1 Stroh’s and Old Milwaukee with $2 Old Times whiskey chasers on Thursdays. Oddly, the weekend specials are the best—$2.50 microbrews on Saturdays from a small but decent list including Great Lakes, Goose Island, and New Holland’s Mad Hatter IPA, and $2.50 giant Bloody Marys and $1 PBR on Sundays for “Bloody With the Beatles.”  2937 N. Milwaukee, no phone, —Bianca Jarvis

&Our readers’ choice: Casey Moran’s

 3660 N. Clark, 773-755-4444,