Best Gay Coffee Shop: Taste of Heaven
Best Gay Coffee Shop: Taste of Heaven Credit: Eric Futran

The Reader’s Choice: A Taste of Heaven

This gay- and independently owned coffee shop and bakery has endured its share of criticism from the A-ville stroller set. Remember a few years back, when the posted request that “children of all ages” use their “indoor voices” set off a shitstorm that made the New York Times? But even then no one was criticizing their baked goods, all made fresh in-house, or the giant steaming mugs of latte, always what the doctor ordered for a pick-me-up on a chilly afternoon. The cafe claims its scones are the best in the world—and I’m not sure they aren’t. A Taste of Heaven is far from the cruisiest gay-friendly cafe in town, but the low-key attitude is a big part of the appeal; you don’t feel like you’re on display while perusing the gay papers or indulging in a gorgeous Moon Pie cupcake. As an added perk (I know, groan), coffee is free every Wednesday with the purchase of a bakery item.  5401 N. Clark, 773-989-0151. —Kathie Bergquist

&Our readers’ choiceCaribou Coffee

Aka Queeribou, aka Cariboy . . .  3300 N. Broadway, 773-477-3695.