There’s a tasty surprise in 3,000 copies of the Reader this week. It’s the fourth and final issue of the Chicago Foodcultura Clarion, the zine by Spanish food artist Antoni Miralda, University of Chicago anthropologist Stephan Palmié, and their marauding horde of ravenous, sugar-crazed foodlums.

This issue features Palmie’s fascinating history on Reese Finer Foods, the erstwhile luxury importer of pate de foie gras, Japanese Winged Butterflies, and Fried Baby Bees. There’s a guide to ordering native Chicago sandwiches, such as the Big Baby, the Jim Shoe, and the Freddy, by Sandwich Tribunal auteur Jim Behymer. Ceramic historian Margaret Carney delivers a piece on the abstract aquatic dinnerware of the Well of the Sea restaurant in the historic Hotel Sherman. There’s a profile on David Schneider, chef of the great and underappreciated Wicker Park Greek restaurant Taxim. Chef-artist Eric May of Roots & Culture Contemporary Arts Center conducts a Q & A with artist Alberto Aguilar about his 50-ingredient mole. Soul food writer Donna Battle Pierce weighs in with a piece on the groundbreaking and now-unforgotten cookbook author and Ebony food editor Freda DeKnight; and Colleen Taylor Sen dives into the history of Chicago Indians and their food in Chicago.

It’s a fun read, which you can access via PDF if you’re not lucky enough to score a print copy.

Speaking of good fun, this won’t be the last we see of Miralda, who will be melting young minds as a visiting professor at the U of C in the fall.