The #1, Chick-Feel-Gay Credit: Dani Kaplan

As recent events have demonstrated, public mockery, scorn, and derision are effective, legitimate means to achieve justice. And to that end, the Monday Night Foodball team loves a powerful pun, which is why we are right chuffed to welcome Dani Kaplan to the Reader’s weekly chef pop up at the Kedzie Inn.

Up until January, Kaplan was the co-executive chef at Lost Lake, but even though that tropical paradise closed its doors, Chick-Feel-Gay, her sorta-annual, crispy-fried lampoon of bigoted Big Chicken has a new home in Irving Park.

This Monday Kaplan brings her superior, crispy chicken sandwiches to the bar, along with rainbow cake shakes (spikeable!), and an alluring new element—nuggets. The latter are available for walk-in orders only, but preorders for the rest of the menu are on sale now, via Kaplan’s Venmo account.

Twenty percent of the food profits benefit Equality Florida, on the front line against the Ga(y)tor State’s Don’t Say Gay bill. Same goes for 40 percent of the take from Dyke’s Hard Lemonade, which Jon Pokorny will be pouring at the bar starting at 5 PM.

One more week of Foodball before we take a short, late-May break—Angelina Bastidas’s Dominican menu on May 9 will be marvelous. More on that next week, and I’ll be announcing the June lineup soon.

Meanwhile, say it with me: Fried chicken is here. It’s queer. Get used to it.

Kedzie Inn
4100 N. Kedzie
(773) 293-6368