Ronnie Higgins's Seaside Mule
Ronnie Higgins's Seaside Mule Credit: Andrea Bauer

Challenged by Vie bartender Mike Page with canned tuna (“Sorry Charlie!!” Page joked), Ronnie Higgins of Bangers & Lace and Bar DeVille looked to the tropics for inspiration, adapting a mule (a cocktail made with ginger beer) for the occasion and using mango to complement the salty “tuna juice.”

Who’s Next:

Higgins has challenged Manny Sofios of Gilt Bar with natto, fermented soybeans, a choice previously encountered by Brian Enyart, then chef at Topolobampo, in an installment of Key Ingredient. Said Enyart at the time, “It’s got this really weird mucilaginous texture. . . . Having to swat the slime away from your face, that’s always awesome. It’s a great date food.”

(Recipe below slideshow.)

The Seaside Mule

1½ oz Matusalem Platino rum

¾ oz juice drained from can of tuna packed in salt water

½ oz lime juice

dash of simple syrup

bar spoon of Crofter’s mango spread

ginger beer

sea salt

In the bottom of a shaker combine the mango spread, lime juice, simple syrup, tuna juice, and rum. Add ice, cap, and shake. Strain into a collins glass rimmed with tuna juice and sea salt. Top with a splash of ginger beer, and garnish with a wedge of lime.