Patrick Henaghan's I Must Have Flown the Coop cocktail
Patrick Henaghan's I Must Have Flown the Coop cocktail Credit: Andrea Bauer

“I could have killed him,” said Patrick Henaghan after Carnivale bartender Luis Rodriguez challenged him with chicken bouillon. Instead Henaghan, a barkeep at Michael Jordan’s Steak House, conducted a tasting of “fake chicken flavor” in six different forms. He wound up using a triple-clarified solution made from combining a no-sodium powder with a full-sodium version, using a third kind in powderized form to rim the glass. “I went a little crazy,” Heneghan admitted—hence the cocktail’s name.

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Who’s Next

Henaghan has challenged Mike Freeman of the Palm with peanut butter. Said Henaghan, “I’m not going to be so mean as to give him chunky.”

I Must Have Flown the Coop

2 oz Balvenie 12-year-old single-malt scotch
½ oz Punt e Mes Italian vermouth
½ oz chicken bouillon
¼ oz maple syrup infused with black pepper and thyme
3 dashes Fee Brothers Aztec Chocolate bitters
2 dashes Angostura bitters
8 drops cayenne-infused high-proof vodka
1 oz porter (Heneghan used Smuttynose Robust Porter on tap)
brandied cherries for garnish

Combine all ingredients except the porter in a mixing glass. Pour over rocks, cap, and shake well. Add porter, give the drink a quick stir, and double strain into a cocktail coupe. Garnish with brandied cherries speared onto a wishbone.