Monica Dim's Professor Plum
Monica Dim's Professor Plum Credit: Andrea Bauer

“It takes you on a vacation,” Public House bartender Monica Dim said of the cocktail she devised to feature her ingredient, plum. Beginning with freshly extracted juice from the fruit—including the skin, for color—she set out to concoct an escape from an overcast fall day in Chicago. Order the drink at the River North bar and you can sip it in a “library” nook complete with an old encyclopedia and an artificial fire.

Who’s Next

Dim has challenged her coworker Adolfo Calderon with egg white (blood orange, her first pick, is not yet in season).

(Recipe below slideshow.)

The Professor Plum

2 oz Grey Goose L’Orange

1 oz Cointreau

1 oz Pama pomegranate liqueur

1 oz fresh plum juice

1 oz fresh orange juice

Splash cranberry juice and 7 Up

Combine ingredients in a mixing glass and shake. Strain over rocks into a weizen glass and top off with a splash each of cranberry juice and 7 Up. Garnish with an orchid.